My Clinic Laboratory for Medical Analysis



The My Clinic Laboratory in Kuwait-Salmiya , was established in 2009 (previously Global Medical Laboratory Laboratory) to provide clinical medical laboratory analysis for all age groups.

The My Clinic laboratory is staffed by physicians who specialize in laboratory medicine in the specialties of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic :
Clinical Biochemistry including hormonal and tumor markers Investigations . Also Clinical Hematology is a main issue for Us.
Professional group of medical laboratory technicians in the following laboratory specialties:
  • Biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • Blood diseases
We are working under recommendation of the Physicians in the Laboratory.
The My Clinic Clinic laboratory offers customers all medical analyzes with high quality and at low “economic” prices that are suitable for everyone.
The high professional laboratory level in My Clinic depend on the Internal Quality Control & External Quality Control by International Standards Level under approval Of Ministry Of Health.

Medical Analysis

My Clinic Laboratory Investigations include :
  • Full common hematology investigations
  • Biochemistry analyzes includes all standard analyzes in this specialty;
Overall, liver function, kidney function, lipids, electrolytes, salts, etc. Biochemistry Investigations. Including hormones and tumor markers.
Some of the analyzes related to microbes, including the basic analyzes of this specialty, Base line Microbiology Investigations
external analyses; Out side investigations
It includes most of the required analyzes whose samples are sent to laboratories documented by internal and/or external official authorities.
Corona (Covid 19) smear analysis, approved by the official authorities, and the analysis of Corona virus (Covid 19) antibodies.
My Clinic laboratory always welcomes its valued customers
We are racing towards excellence, we try to fulfill your expectations

We seek to keep up with development


Global lab.

Global laboratory has been established



My Clinic lab.

My Clinic Were Established on 2015


Global lab. joined My Clinic

‏Global Clinical Laboratory joined My Clinic in 2018 after a successful nine years of practical experience in the healthcare market.


Since 2018

My Clinic laboratory

‏Since 2018 until now 2021 My Clinic laboratory has been working to satisfy the beneficiary and seeks to differentiate itself by competition

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منذ عام 2018


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