متلازمتي الوهن الاكتئابي والتعب المزمن - برنامج المتعافي - مختبر ماي كلينك - الكويت

Post Corona Depressive Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue.

Any of the diseases caused by microbes alone (bacterial infection only, or viral infection only) or by their combinations activates the immune system to confront it waiting for weakness, senility or fatigue to activate causing complications, So, the body's natural reaction is a sense to sudden fatigue and /or weakness as a result of various biochemical and immune processes, which causes the formation or activity of these two syndromes that many people suffer from as a result of their suffering from chronic diseases, and once infected with the fierce Corona virus, these two syndromes increase in severity and may last for several months affecting physical, psychological, nervous stability and overall health status in the body.

Experts stated that Covid-19 does not only affect the respiratory and cardiac system , but this virus also attacks the central nervous system, and becomes a threat to it, as some patients complain of poor memory, sleep disorders and depression after recovery. It is worth noting that depression, panic attacks, emotional disturbances , fear and other nervous disorders may start from the beginning of the injury, which is a reason for the continuation of some of them after recovery.
متلازمتي الوهن الاكتئابي والتعب المزمن - برنامج المتعافي - مختبر ماي كلينك - الكويت
The reason for this is likely to be due to hormonal disorders and disruption of its production, such as tryptophan; happiness hormone, serotonin and melatonin, as their production falters at the biochemical level. Post-Corona Depression Syndrome, especially after the respiratory system suffers from severe disorders or complications and the imposition of mechanical ventilation and oxygen cylinders, the patient has a severe fear of death and panic attacks that lead to depression.
After the recovery and recovery phase, the nervous system needs a period of two to six months as an average estimate for recovery and the gradual disappearance of those pathological sign and so; the recovering must be alerted about this to make him aware of his order to expedite and enhance his recovery through psychological self-rehabilitation, motivation, and getting out of isolation by exercising and courting places of recreation and walking, swimming, breathing natural air, etc.
We conclude from this that the consequences of infection with the Corona virus are not limited to the respiratory or cardiovascular system, but rather affect the central nervous system,the joints and other pathological outputs that need attention, care, recovery and rehabilitation, and one of the entrances to this is the laboratory diagnosis.
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