متلازمتي الوهن الاكتئابي والتعب المزمن - برنامج المتعافي - مختبر ماي كلينك - الكويت

Vascular Coagulation Syndrome

Specialists physician doctors of My Clinic laboratory have developed a laboratory analysis program for complications and problems beyond recovery from Corona virus, based on global clinical studies that aimed at helping those recovering from Corona, in order to determine the presence of remaining pathological signs and / or syndromes” Post Corona Syndromes & Signs”; and that is after the recovery phase .
The exclusive My Clinic “Recovered” program from Corona focuses on laboratory diagnosis according to certain laboratory investigations (analysis or tests) to know the recovering progress and health condition, under the supervision of the My Clinic laboratory doctors.
The vascular coagulation syndrome program to assess the severity of blood coagulation processes is of major importance as it is the main entrance to the formation of small blood clots in the lungs and the deterioration to severe health problems, due to the ability of the Covid 19 virus to infect the pulmonary blood vessels with precision and speed, leading to an embolus or clot behind it ;pulmonary small clot or respiratory failure during and after injury.
متلازمتي الوهن الاكتئابي والتعب المزمن - برنامج المتعافي - مختبر ماي كلينك - الكويت
Why does Corona Covid-19 virus sometimes give this pathological syndrome later during the first two weeks of infection, which is the main cause of death among corona complications?
In fact, many viruses and some types of bacteria have the ability to cause complications, including vascular coagulation syndrome, but in varying degrees from simple to fierce. This depends on the characteristics of the virus or the microbe, in addition to the fact that Covid-19, ;the emerging virus and its various mutations, are shrouded in mystery, and there are no detailed and adequate knowledge of the composition and content of the virus, with lack of knowledge about the effect the immune system upon it plus the poor experience in dealing with it so far,
However; the vaccination approach and the strategy of vaccines have paid off ; on one hand, to reduce the spread of the virus and on the other hand to reduce the death rate.
متلازمتي الوهن الاكتئابي والتعب المزمن - برنامج المتعافي - مختبر ماي كلينك - الكويت
Therefore, My Clinic laboratory monitored those pathological observations and diagnosed them in the lab for early treatment, which is one of the effective ways to get rid of the potential suffering of this syndrome with its serious complications for those recovering from Corona (Covid-19),
And that is under the preparation and supervision of My Clinic laboratory doctors and the implementation of highly qualified specialists in the lab in accordance to the international requirements and quality control parameters

The My Clinic Laboratory in Kuwait-Salmiya , was established in 2009 (previously Global Medical Laboratory Laboratory) to provide clinical medical laboratory analysis for all age

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