Corona  recovered patients   program

A bunch of blood tests for those who recovered from corona
Detecting risks and complications after, at least 3 weeks from recovery and it includes 3 types of programs

My Clinic Laboratory Submitted

First program

General Check-Up Laboratory Program


General check up for those who recovered from corona and were either asymptomatic or had only mild symptoms


Check up for inflammations ,blood clottings ,bones, joints &immunity status

79 kd

40 kd

Second program

Overall Follow-Up laboratory program


Follow up for recovered corona patients who had moderate to severe symptoms

Includes :

Check up for inflammations, clotting risk factors ,bones, joints, kidney problems & pancreas

This program stresses on vascular and cardiac risk factors

179 kd

110 kd

Third program :

Broader Laboratory Program


Follow up of corona recovered patient who had severe symptoms and what is called “long Covid”


All the lab tests that are related to corona general and specific complications as inflammations, clotting risk factors, bones ,joints, kidney, liver, diabetes ,and cardiac risk factors plus early diagnosis of renal vascular diseases

235 kd

165 kd

For more information about the recovering program or to request the program, please contact us

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please fill all fileds

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